Picture Perfect

Pictures tell stories, and your brand is a pretty awesome story. It seems that organizations and brands are hesitant to open their arms to photography and social media using photography. But the truth is—you have to embrace it!

When your newsfeed is cluttered with words and more words, what stands out you? Pictures, of course! We are constantly and scanning, searching, and scrolling for something interesting to view. Eye-catching photography will make someone stop, stare, and take interest in your product or service.

Photography is fun and can express emotion without a single word. Imagine the affect an image can have on your target audience. Imagine the impact your brand can have through these emotions.

Photography used in conjunction with social media is a reflection of that brand’s personality. One of my favorite things a company can do is post pictures of their employees and express their company culture. As a loyal customer, I’m interested in seeing how your company runs behind the computer. To me, I get to know the company a little bit better; it makes you realize that a company isn’t a robot, but actually real people.  It’s a new way to establish relationships.

Businesses utilizing photo-sharing websites and applications are encouraging two-way communication with a huge demographic. Instagram, for example, is one of the fastest growing photo applications with 150 million active users per month. Its popularity shot up dramatically in 2012 and has been steadily increasing ever since.  Take a look at this chart that spans from July 2010 to July 2012.


By not participating in Instagram, businesses are missing out on 150 million people. So why are organizations so hesitant about Instagram?

According to this article (http://blog.kissmetrics.com/biggest-misconceptions-about-instagram/), there are five common misconceptions of Instagram. The article makes some good points about why businesses would be scared. However, the article also gives many reasons why you should utilize the application.

One point I would like to talk about is how small businesses are discouraged from Instagram and other social media sites because they are not big brand names. It’s important to note that having a successful following on any social media platform is not about the amount of followers—it’s about the amount of engagement.

Dr. Robin I. M. Dunbar of the Human Evolutionary Biology Research Group of the University College London anthropology department proposed a discovery in 1993 called Dunbar’s Number. The discovery states, “a typical social media network is constrained to about 150 members.” However, this discovery was made over twenty years ago, and with advances in social media, we can assume that Dunbar’s Number has now expanded to hundreds, even thousands.

With this knowledge, businesses should be reaching out on different types of social media. There are virtually no limits when it comes to establishing relationships with potential buyers and audiences. Through photography, picture sharing, and apps like Instagram, businesses can playfully reach out, creatively connect, and defy the odds of Dunbar’s Number.

*If you’re still skeptical about Instagram, here are some helpful A-Z tips from Social Media Examiner on how to use Instagram for business: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/instagram-for-business-tips/.

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